Thursday, February 2, 2012

What's Coming in February

Okay, I think I have lost any blogging mojo I might have had, if I ever had any to begin with.  It doesn't help that I'm working my way through the Wheel of Time series, and they're long books that are taking me awhile to finish.  So I have nothing to review in the meantime.

So I figured I could talk about things that are coming out in February that I'm excited for.  And also what I'm planning to read and hopefully review in February.


How is it that we're already on the third book in a series by Robin Hobb, and I haven't even started the series yet?  This is killing me!  Why do I not catch up on my favorite authors before reading whatever new release I happen to see at the library.  I'm going to get right on this one.  Soon.  After I get done with the Wheel of Time series.  So next year sometime. ;)

This one comes out February 7th.

Okay, Star Wars again?  This franchise is definitely trying to see how much money it can get out of it's fans.  That being said, it's Star Wars in 3D.  I will be there.  I'm not a huge fan of 3D, to be honest, but I think this one will be pretty cool.

In theaters February 10th.

I honestly don't have very high hopes for this movie, but since my family is filled with Marvel fans (including me), we'll probably see it at some point, if not on opening weekend.

In theaters February 17th.

The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan (currently reading)
I'm not even halfway through this one, and for some reason haven't been reading as much as usual, but I'm working on it, at least. 
The Fires of Heaven by Robert Jordan
I'm hoping to read two of these each month so I'm all caught up when the last book comes out.  We'll see how it goes.

These next four books aren't really my typical reads, but I'm judging for the National Readers Choice Awards, and these are the books they sent me.  I'll probably only read a couple of these this month, and a couple next month.

Other than that, I'm not sure what I'll read.  It all depends on how long the Wheel of Time books take me.  I hope to get more reading in this month.

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