Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reading With Kids - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

My nine year old son and I have been working our way through the Harry Potter series.  It's been a long time since I've read these books on my own, and I have truly loved re-discovering them with my son.  There are days when we only read one chapter, and days like last Monday (Memorial Day here in the U.S.) where we read for three hours.

So, I thought as a new feature on my blog, I would (try to remember to) post when we finished a book, and my son, Kevin, and I would do a little interview type review for each one.  I thought it would be fun to look at books through the eyes of a nine year old.  WARNING:  May contain spoilers.

If you were telling a friend about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, what would you tell them it's about?

A person got out of Azkaban because he turned into a dog.

What was your favorite part?

 When he was saved from the people who were going to give him the kiss thingy.

Who is your favorite character?

Harry Potter.

Least favorite?

The guys that were trying to take him away.

If you could change something about the book, what would you change?

Black running away.  I would have him not run and join Harry and help him.

Were there any scary parts? 


Funny parts?


Who would you recommend this book to?

My friends and family.

Do you ever read with your kids?  If so, what have been some of your favorites to read together? 


  1. Thirteen years ago this month (when only book 1 and 2 were out), I started reading Harry Potter to my children. We had such adventures because we took the book and a blanket and went all kinds of places to eat and read during that first summer 13 years ago when we read the first two.

    As the next five books came out, we purchased them and read them together as a family. It was so fun!

    My oldest is now 28 years old. Recently, I received a letter from him thanking me for the fun reading adventures we always had. If you haven't read with your children, Harry Potter books are a good way to start. Even with an 10 year span between my oldest and youngest, they all enjoyed these books.

    By the way, my youngest, Camille, says Harry is the reason she is such a voracious reader now.

    1. That is wonderful to hear! I love that my kids (mostly) share my love of reading. And how great for you, years down the road, that your kids still have those wonderful memories!

  2. My daughter is 27 and the joy of reading is one of the strongest hobbies that binds us together. The last book came out around the same month she graduated from college and started her first professional job. She said that all three things meant that childhood was over!
    Still, she was glad those two last movies had yet to come out!

    1. I think Harry Potter is so magical in the way it's given memories to so many people. My daughter was so sad after we had just seen the last movie, because it was all over and it had been such a big part of her life for almost as long as she could remember.