Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Review: The Study Series

I liked this one a lot. The writing is pretty simple and straightforward, nothing really new here.  I would say it's pretty standard fantasy genre.  I read this for a reading group, and most everybody liked it.  We were all unclear on whether this was adult or YA fantasy, though. 
Grade: A-

Magic Study (Study, Book 2)

I kept hearing that the series isn't as good after Poison Study, but I thought Magic Study was better. I guess my idea of good differs from a lot of other readers, cause I loved this one.  I really enjoy the characters, and the romance (what little there is) is well done. 
Grade: A 

I didn't like this as well as the rest of the series, but it was still a good book. One thing that soured it for me a little was all the recapping, throughout the whole book. I guess that might be a good thing if I had read the previous books a long time ago, but since I had just finished them, it got to be a little annoying. I don't need every little detail repeated about every person and thing; I already know. 
Grade: B
Overall I really enjoyed this series, and would definitely recommend it to fantasy readers, especially fans of YA fantasy.  Even though I'm still unclear whether this is categorized as YA, I definitely think it would appeal to fans of the genre.  
I liked that all three books were completely different stories, and it wasn't just one long story split into three books.  They were all very unique.   

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