Monday, February 22, 2010

Beneath a Southern Sky

Title: Beneath a Southern Sky
Author: Deborah Raney
Genre: Christian Romance
Page Count: 311
Why I read it: Received review copy from publisher
Grade: DNF

After two years of serving as a missionary in a remote area of South America, Daria Camfield has returned to the States to mourn her husband, reportedly killed while providing medical aid to a neighboring Colombian village.
At first, Daria finds comfort only in the daughter born to her after Nate’s tragic death. As she begins to heal, she also finds a listening ear and a tender heart in her new boss, veterinarian Colson Hunter. Determined to move forward with life, Daria ignores the still small voice calling her to wait and accepts Cole’s marriage proposal. But after the wedding, Daria’s new dream life turns into a nightmare with the arrival of an unbelievable
telegram:“Nathan Camfield found alive. Flying into K.C. Int’l. via Bogota…”Now two men have the right to her daughter, her life, and her love. Will Daria return to her beloved first
husband, abandoning Cole? Or will she reject Nate and choose the only man her daughter has ever called “Daddy”--a man she has come to cherish with all her heart?

My review:
I received this book for the value fiction blog tour from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers.  The premise of this book sounded very interesting.  It seemed like a story that I had never heard before, and that the journey would keep me reading.  Unfortunately, this book just wasn't for me.  I did my best, gave it my 100 page try, but I couldn't make it through this book.

The writing is very, very detailed.  We read almost every thought and feeling the characters have, and everything they're doing at any given moment.  I know there are a lot of readers that enjoy this type of writing, but I have a hard time getting into stories like this. 

The average rating at Goodreads is 4.18 (out of 5), so I have a feeling that it's just me on this one, and it may be that I just wasn't in the mood for this one at this time.  I think that regular readers of Christian romance would love this book.  For more information on Beneath a Southern Sky, go here.

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