Wednesday, September 9, 2009

REVIEW - So Not Happening

I stayed up late last night to finish this book, cause the last part got intense! I was thinking I was just reading your typical YA chick-lit, but I was wrong. So Not Happening was the first book I've read by Jenny B. Jones. Sidenote: I can't get past the author's name. I either think of Jenny Jones the talk show host, or Junie B. Jones, the childrens series.

Anyway, the book is about Bella, a teenage girl whose parents are divorced. She lives in and loves New York. Her mom gets remarried, and she has to move to live with her mom and new step-dad in a small town in Oklahoma. Needless to say, she has a difficult time adjusting. Then weird things start happening, and I can't say more so I don't spoil anything!

This was a really quick read, and I enjoyed it. I'm not sure what kind of draw there is for me reading about a teenage girl and her angst, but I was interested. I know I'm not the only woman, because there are all those Twilight lovin' ladies (and that is one craze I just don't get). I would have liked to see more character growth, but I understand this is just the first in a series. And I've also got to remember that I'm reading about a young girl, and not a mature woman.

The only complaints I have is that I felt like the main character did a few really unbelievable things to further the plot along. Sometimes I think there just can't be anybody that stupid. There was also a few pretty predictable parts, but I think when you read enough books, you can start seeing things from a mile away. Either that, or I'm just extra smart. ;)

I would rate this book 4/5, and I liked it enough that I'm eagerly awaiting the next in the series that comes out in November (I think). I would recommend this to teenage girls, women who like chick-lit, and anyone looking for a light read.

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