Monday, November 19, 2012

Movie Mondays- Disney, Bond, and Supernatural

Wreck-It Ralph
We hardly ever take the kids to the theater to see movies, but this one just looked too good to pass up.  I really love the humor in Disney movies, and Wreck-It Ralph was no exception.  It was fun and heartwarming, and we all loved it.  This was a great one to take our boys to.  We'll be buying this when it comes out on Blu-Ray, but then, we buy most Disney movies nowadays.
A View to a Kill
We saw this on Blu-Ray at Target for $10, and since it's one of the few we didn't yet have in our collection, we bought it.  My husband and I are big James Bond fans.  I think I prefer the newer ones, like Brosnan or later, but my husband really likes the older ones too.  He thinks Sean Connery was the best Bond.  This was a pretty good one, although I've never big a big fan of Roger Moore.  The story was good, and Christopher Walken was an excellent villain. 
 Supernatural is a show that I think could have ended a couple seasons ago, but I'm really glad it didn't because I just love watching it.  We don't have all that fancy DVR stuff, and we don't generally watch a lot of shows when they air on TV, so we've been catching it on Hulu, thus we are a couple of weeks behind.  I'm enjoying season 8, but am hoping Sam and Dean get past the bickering soon.  Oh, who am I kidding?  That's a huge part of the show every season.  There's always something to argue about.

This week we watched the following episodes (may be spoilers ahead):
Bitten: I didn't really care for this episode.  Too much shaky home video type camera work, and it just makes me feel motion sickness.  The story was interesting enough, but I would have preferred it told a different way.
Blood Brother: Good episode.  I noticed in this episode that Benny has the prettiest eyes.  I'd like to see more of his character.
Southern Comfort: Oh my goodness, Garth again.  I'm glad he's just an every once in awhile character.  I don't think I could handle more than we've gotten.  Otherwise, pretty good episode.

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