Sunday, June 17, 2012

Book Review: The King's Blood

Publication Date: May 2012
by Orbit
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Source: bought it

The sequel to the acclaimed series launch, The Dragon’s Path, is the perfect summer read for fans of George R. R. Martin.
War casts its shadow over the lands that the dragons once ruled. Only the courage of a young woman with the mind of a gambler and loyalty to no one stands between hope and universal darkness.
The high and powerful will fall, the despised and broken shall rise up, and everything will be remade. And quietly, almost beneath the notice of anyone, an old, broken-hearted warrior and an apostate priest will begin a terrible journey with an impossible goal: destroy a Goddess before she eats the world.

This one started off slow, and I was so disappointed because The Dragon's Path (book one of The Dagger and the Coin) is one of my favorite books. I really think when reading this book, it would be helpful to have read The Dragons Path recently, or at the very least, be able to clearly remember the events of the first book.

I couldn't really remember it, and I think that was part of my problem. I could remember a little bit, but not specific details, or my thoughts after reading book one. So I felt, if not exactly lost, not quite on track when reading the first 1/3 or so of The King's Blood. I also think it just took a little bit of time for the book to get going.

But then when it did, I remembered why I loved the first book so much. I got sucked into the world, and had a hard time putting the book down. I was very invested in what happened. Not necessarily because I really cared about the characters, but because the story drew me in. Daniel Abraham has a talent for writing where you forget that you're reading a book. The world unfolds and you're carried away in the story.

The worst part was turning the last page, and realizing the book had ended. I wanted more. I'm not ready to wait for another year or so to find out what happens next. But then, that's the mark of a good author and a good book. I'll be eagerly awaiting book three.

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