Friday, July 1, 2011

Fame by Karen Kingsbury

Fame (Firstborn Series-Baxter 2, Book 1)The first novel in Karen Kingsbury's Firstborn series stars two world-class actors. After his shocking discovery in Kingsbury's Redemption series, Dayne Matthews returns to Hollywood. Meanwhile, young thespian Katy Hart receives the opportunity of a lifetime: a lead part opposite Dayne in a major motion picture.
Karen Kingsbury is really good at what she does, which is cheesy Christian fiction with a little bit of romance thrown in. It's very "sweet", and at times a little too much. I'm sure there are people out there like these characters, but I don't know any.

But the writing flows smoothly, and is a style that is easy to read. I liked the book, and was left wanting to read the next in the series at the end. I would definitely read the Redemption series before this one, though, because this book constantly refers to things that happened there, and I think you'd feel a little lost and wouldn't be able to connect with or care about most of the characters.
 Book Details
Author: Karen Kingsbury
Genre: Christian Fiction
Page Count: 354
Publishing Info: May 2005 by Tyndale
Why I Read It: trying to clear off my shelves
Grade: B- (liked it, a little annoyed by the cheese-factor)
Cover Thoughts: My cover was different than the one shown above.  The one above is okay, but on my copy the "man" looked like a sixteen year old boy instead of a Hollywood actor who is in his 30's.  It was silly.

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