Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Unfinished Song: Taboo

The Unfinished Song: Taboo
There are some authors that haven't made it big for whatever reason, but are still extremely talented, and Tara Maya is one of them.  I'm not sure why a major publisher hasn't picked up her books, but they are really good, and I'm not very easy to please!

Taboo is the second novel in what looks to be quite a long series.  The two books I've read so far have been fairly short, but have left me really wanting more.  This one didn't end on quite as much of a cliffhanger as the first, but it's definitely not a satisfying, loose-end tying up ending. 

I love the world that Tara Maya has created here.  There are different regions, and each region seems to have their own speciality or magic.  It's a pretty complex world, and to try to go into explaining anything would take awhile, so instead I'll just say read the book, and you'll see.  The world-building is very unique, and is unlike anything I've read before.

The characters are written in such a way that you really root for them and want good things for them, but there are also times when you want to shake them and say "wake up!"  It can be a little frustrating at times.  Dindi seems to be the main character, and she's quite likable, but she's hardly the focal point of the story.  There's a lot going on here, and as such, you never get a chance to get bored.  If you're a fantasy fan, definitely give this series a try, starting with The Unfinished Song: Initiate.

Book Details
Author: Tara Maya
Genre: fantasy
Why I Read It: review copy from the author, liked the first one
Grade: A (excellent)

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  1. I am kind of curious about this one. I read the first book and liked it. I wasn't completely blown away, but it was the start to a series and first books are the set up sometimes. Glad to hear you enjoyed this one so. :) I do like the idea of the dance and magic though. :) Thank you!