Friday, January 7, 2011

Review: Otherworlds: Fantasy Art

Book Details
Title: OtherWorlds: How to Imagine, Paint and Create Epic Scenes of Fantasy 
Author: Tom Kidd
Genre: How-to 
Page Count: 191
Publishing Info: Impact, November 8, 2010

My Review
Why I read it: Review copy from the publisher
About the book: With OtherWorlds,you will learn to draw and paint fantasy scenery. Also disc over how to bring forth ideas more quickly, and communicate a sense of place that evokes a range of emotions, especially the thrill of taking an exotic journey to explore the unknown. Enjoy Tom Kidd's lively and personal step-by-step instruction that includes information on materials, observing nature, drawing, form, color, creating special effects and more. You will learn to create scenes so vast they take your breath away with exquisite skies and aircraft, rugged terrain, glittering cites, spectacular rock formations, stormy seas, magnificent forests and more. (from Goodreads)
Who Should Read This? Artists, people who would like to be artists, people who like art, especially fantasy art.
Final Thoughts: I really love fantasy art, and this book is just full of beautiful artwork.  Not only that, but it tells you how to create your own beautiful artwork.  There are some great tips to techniques that an advanced artist might already know, but someone like me who is more on the beginner side will find extremely helpful.  Each section has a materials list, a step by step guide for drawing a scene (breaking it down into smaller parts of instruction), and of course, the finished picture.  I would enjoy this book even if it only had the amazing pictures to look at, but it's nice that there's so much more here.
Grade: A
Cover Thoughts: I love the picture on the cover here.  It gives you a small taste of what's inside.

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