Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Review: Flight of Shadows

Book Details
Title: Flight of Shadows: A Novel
Author: Sigmund Brouwer
Genre: Science Fiction
Page Count: 305
Publishing Info: Waterbrook Press, May 18, 2010

My Review
Why I read it: received review copy from Waterbrook Multnomah publisher
The Plot: In a futuristic dystopian society, Caitlyn wants to remain unnoticed.  Because of genetic experimentation, she has a deformity on her back.  But she's being hunted.  Not only by a sadistic bounty hunter, but by a government agency.  With the help of a mysterious guy named Razor, she escapes capture, but not for long.  This book is a sequel to Broken Angel, but I didn't read that, and although at times I wondered if there was a previous book (I looked it up later), I didn't feel lost or like I was missing anything. 
The Characters: Caitlyn is a very strong character, but because she is so withdrawn and slow to trust anyone, it's hard to really get to know and love her.  I was very curious about the secondary characters, especially Razor.  I wanted to know exactly what had happened to him in the past, and what he was going to do next.
The Setting: A horrible dystopic United States that I hope never comes to pass.  I don't think anything like that will, especially in my lifetime, but it didn't sound like a good place to live.
Who Should Read This? Anyone looking for a fast-paced, interesting science fiction novel set in the future.  It was published by a Christian publisher, but the religion is very minimal.
Final Thoughts: I really liked this book.  The chapters were really short, and moved from character to character, which really helped to move the story along and make sure it never got stagnant.  I was worried when I first started reading that it was going to be a little heavy on the science, especially when there was one sentence with three words I didn't know, but it wasn't bad at all (I am so not a science person).  I'll definitely read more by this author.
Grade: B
Cover Thoughts: I like the cover, but I wish the writing was a little less prominent.  It's hard to notice anything else.


  1. Interesting. I've never heard of Sigmund Brouwer, but it's interesting that a Christian author would tackle such a dark genre like dystopian.

  2. It was a fairly dark book all around, with some really vile characters. It didn't feel like I was reading Christian fiction at all.