Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DragonArt Evolution

Book Details:
Genre: instructional book
Page Count: 144
Publication Date: Sept. 30, 2010
Why I read it: review copy
Grade: B

The plot:
Inspiration, instruction, and entertainment - you will get it all in this book filled with all-new dragons and detailed anatomy instruction. As seen in J “NeonDragon” Peffer’s first book, DragonArt: How to Draw Fantastic Dragons and Fantasy Creatures, this book features a combination of beautiful, inspiring art, easy-to-follow instruction with DragonArt™ Evolution. You will be able to draw every part of dragon anatomy book and be able to assemble those pieces into dragons of your very own.

My review:
I've always liked to draw, and fantasy pictures have long been my favorites. The problem was, I could never draw a dragon. I didn't even know where to start with getting the body rightly proportioned, or making the head look right. So I was kind of excited to get this book for review. I'll be honest, I haven't actually tried drawing any of these dragons yet. I haven't actually picked up a drawing pad and pencil for years, if you want to know the truth.

I do really like the pictures, though. The illustrations are beautiful, and the instruction seems to be pretty good. My seven year old sat down with the book and tried to draw a dragon. He worked at it for quite awhile, and while you'd never know it was a dragon from looking at it, he sure had fun. I don't think he realized you're not supposed to draw and keep every line in the instructions.

If you're already a great fantasy artist, this book may not be helpful to you. But if you like to draw, and need a little help, or if you just want to look at great illustrations of dragons, check out this book.

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