Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wild Magic

Title: Wild Magic
Author: Tamora Pierce
Genre: YA Fantasy
Page Count: 362
Why I read it: like the author
Grade: C+

Young Daine's knack with horses gets her a job helping the royal horsemistress drive a herd of ponies to Tortall. Soon it becomes clear that Daine's talent, as much as she struggles to hide it, is downright magical Horses and other animals not only obey, but listen to her words. Daine, though, will have to learn to trust humans before she can come to terms with her powers, her past, and herself.

My review:
This was a quick, easy read, but there's really nothing special or outstanding about it. I think it kind of sets up the character of Daine, but it seemed like it moved from one thing to another, introducing new ideas a little too quickly. I didn't like it quite as well as the Alanna series.

Daine is a likable enough character, and there are some returning characters from the Alanna series. There are also a few new ones as well, but no one that grabbed me, and although I liked the end of this story, for most of the book I wasn't completely pulled in. I found my mind wandering quite a bit.

Still, I would definitely recommend Tamora Pierce's books to fantasy lovers, most especially younger ones who want to read fantasy but don't have the patience or desire to read the longer, more involved fantasy.

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  1. The cover of the book is really pretty. I'm excited for you to read The Secret of Ka to see if you like it as much as I did.