Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Virgin Territory

Title: Virgin Territory
Author: James Lecesne
Genre: YA Fiction
Page Count: 224
Why I read it: ARC Tour
Grade: DNF
Publication Date: September 14, 2010

Virgin Territory explores the power of faith and our need to believe in miracles. Sixteen-year-old Dylan Flack is uprooted from his cozy life in New York City by the death of his mother of cancer the night before 9/ll. He finds himself transplanted to Jupiter, Florida, and in the chaos of the move discovers that his father has lost their treasured collection of family photos. Dylan feels that he has begun to lose the memory of his mother's face, and without access to those pictures of their past together, each day stretches darkly into a future without hope. Enter: the Virgin Club, a nomadic group of trailer kids whose mostly single parents drag them all over the country in search of sightings of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Although not looking for membership in any club, Dylan falls in love with their leader, Angela, who believes that change occurs in direct proportion to desire and the willingness to take risks. In a series of misadventures and brushes with the law in what Dylan comes to think of as "virgin territory," she teaches Dylan to risk a future without his favorite parent. Miraculously his newfound courage leads to a long overdue confession from his father that brings them closer together and catapults Dylan into a future that holds more promise.

My review:
This was not at all what I expected. I'm not sure exactly what I expected it to be about, but what I got wasn't something that interested me at all. It just wasn't my style. I got more than 100 pages in, so I read almost half of the book, and at that point it seemed like not a lot was happening. I probably wouldn't recommend this one, unless you have a completely opposite reading style from mine, and then I'd say go for it!


  1. I agree about it not being my style either.

  2. BTW, I really love the Owl in your header graphic.