Friday, June 4, 2010


Title: Candor
Author: Pam Bachorz
Genre: YA Science Fiction
Page Count: 256
Why I read it: sounded good
Grade: C

Oscar Banks has everything under control. In a town where his father brainwashes everyone, he's found a way to secretly fight the subliminal Messages. He's got them all fooled: Oscar's the top student and the best-behaved teen in town. Nobody knows he's made his own Messages to deprogram his brain. Oscar has even found a way to get rich. For a hefty price, he helps new kids escape Candor, Florida before they're transformed into cookie-cutter teens. But then Nia Silva moves to Candor, and Oscar's carefully-controlled world crumbles.

My review:
When I first saw the description for this one, I was excited for what I thought would be another great dystopia book, with moral conflicts and lots of action. And it really wasn't any of that.

The story moved fairly slow. I think so much could have been done with the setting and the idea, but there was a lot of unfulfilled potential here. I thought maybe at least it would get exciting, but it never did, and there was very little pay-off in the end for slogging through the boring.

I didn't care for the main character. I found him unsympathetic, and there weren't any other characters I could like. I wanted so much more from this story, and it wasn't at all what I was hoping for.


  1. Exactly how I felt about this book. So much potential, so little follow through. It's too bad, really.

  2. This one could have been really, really good. Too bad the author didn't develop the concept further - it was a stand-out idea.