Friday, January 29, 2010

Play it Again, SAHM

Title: Play it Again, SAHM
Author: Meredith Efken
Genre: Christian Chicklit
Page Count: 388
Why I read it: third in a series
Grade: A

After years of friendship, the women of the SAHM I Am e-mail loop are finally meeting in person. But with two new moms trying to blend in with Dulcie and the gang, there's bound to be trouble!
Earth-mother Iona and young mom Hannah are thrilled to join the weekend getaway sans hubbies and kids. But sparks fly when Hannah's know-it-all attitude clashes with the Queen of Ego, Rosalyn. When things go from bad to worse, one mom must step in to save the weekend from total disaster!

My review:
This book is told entirely in e-mails, IM's, and texts.  For that reason, you don't always get all the details or the full story.  It's hard to really know how anyone is feeling or what they are thinking, unless they write it in the e-mail.  That being said, it's a wonderful story.  It was fun, and sweet, and if you're a stay at home mom like me, you can definitely relate.

In fact, there was one e-mail in the book that I wanted to show my husband, because it was exactly how I'd been feeling, and what I had tried to tell him previously, but I don't think he understood.  It was nice to know it isn't just me who feels that way.  I know these are fictional characters, but obviously the author wrote from some level of experience.

The characters feel real, with real life situations and problems that, even if us moms haven't been in the situation, we know someone who has.  I would highly recommend this to stay at home moms, especially Christian ones, as it is fairly heavy on the religion stuff.  But first I'd recommend going back and reading the first two books, SAHM I Am and @ Home for the Holidays.


  1. I think only via e-mail and IM's would drive me nuts. I may give the first book a try. If I am connected to the characters, I can then attempt the unusual presentation design. I do however love your review. I feel as though I know what I would be getting into if I picked up the book.

  2. This format is definitely not for everyone, but it really works for me. I also loved Meg Cabot's books that were told in e-mail format. I think it's good when you're looking for a quick, straightforward read that doesn't require a lot of thought.