Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Complete Maus

Title: The Complete Maus
Author: Art Spiegelman
Genre: Graphic Novel
Page Count: 296
Why I read it: graphic novel challenge
Grade: B

A son struggles to come to terms with the horrific story of his parents and their experiences during the Holocaust and in postwar America, in an omnibus edition of Spiegelman's two-part, Pulitzer Prize-winning best-seller. 

 My review:
This was a hard book to read, mostly for the subject matter.  And honestly, if it weren't for the subject, and for it's importance in history, I think my grade for this graphic novel would have been lower.

I thought the way in which Spiegelman related his father's experiences during the holocaust was definitely interesting, even though I would say it started to drag a little bit towards the middle, to the point where I had to put it down for awhile and read another book.  Having this story in graphic novel form made it different than the many other stories told of the holocaust, and perhaps made it a bit more real.

I would have liked the artwork to be different.  I didn't care for the animals, because to me it made it less personal and almost silly at times.  It's hard to tell who's who because mice pretty much all look the same.  I would recommend this one, but perhaps not to everyone.  But if you're going to read a graphic novel, this is a good one to read.

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