Monday, December 21, 2009

Ripple Effect

Title: Ripple Effect
Author: Paul McCusker
Genre: YA science fiction
Page Count: 204
Why I read it: I don't know
Grade: C

 In book 1 of the Time Thrillers Trilogy, all Elizabeth wants to do is run away, but when her world is turned upside-down and inside-out in an unexpected and bizarre time warp, all she wants to do is return home. But will she find the faith to uncover the truth and make her way back to her own reality?

My review:
This book was pretty much just okay in every way.  It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't good.  It felt like the author got an idea of something to write about, and then without really thinking things through and developing the idea, he wrote a book.  Most of the time his "science" didn't even make sense to me, and I had a hard time figuring out what on earth he was trying to say.

The writing also felt a bit stilted, and I just wasn't very impressed.  I don't want to leave only negative thoughts on the book, so I will say that I thought the idea itself, of alternate reality time travel was interesting.  I just wished it would have been a little more developed.  I guess this is the first in a trilogy, and I think it has potential, but I won't be continuing.

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