Monday, November 2, 2009

October Reading Summary

These months are just flying by too fast, but I think I got a lot of great reading done in October.  This month I finished 18 books, and I read a couple of new favorites.

New favorites include:

I was really pleasantly surprised by this book.  I didn't expect it to be as good as it was, and I loved the world that R.B. Holbrook created.

Although most reviews I read said Catching Fire was the weaker of the two in the series so far, I liked it better.  There may not have been as much action, but I liked the character development and the plot movement better.  Plus, after reading the first one, I didn't feel all that inspired to read a second one.  I just didn't feel like it was a very good lead into a series (even though I did enjoy the book a lot).  With Catching Fire, I can't wait to read the next one!

There were a few other books that I really enjoyed this month:  Fablehaven, Graceling, and The Restorer's Journey.  I feel like I had a really lucky reading month.  Either that, or I was just mostly in a really good mood.

I had three DNF's this month, which is more than usual, but I've found as my TBR list grows longer and longer, I've got to give up when a book isn't drawing me in.

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  1. 18 books? Wow -- that's lovely! I read Hunger Games, but haven't continued on. Yes, why read so-so books when there are so many others to explore? Enjoy!