Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star

Title: Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star
Author: Brandon Mull
Genre: Juvenile Fantasy
Got it from: Bookstore
Why I read it: Second in a series
Grade: A

At the end of the school year, Kendra and her brother, Seth, find themselves racing back to Fablehaven, a refuge for mythical and magical creatures. Grandpa Sorenson, the caretaker, invites three specialists- a potion master, a magical relics collector, and a mystical creature trapper- to help protect the property from the Society of the Evening Star, an ancient organization determined to infiltrate the preserve and steal a hidden artifact of great power. Time is running out. The Evening Star is storming the gates. If the artifact falls into the wrong hands, it could mean the downfall of other preserves and possibly the world.

My review:
I liked this one slightly less than the first one, just because there was less cool fairy action, but that doesn't mean it wasn't excellent.  What I really like about these stories is that the focus isn't just one one kind of fantasy.  It's not about wizards or dragons or fairies, it has all the fantasy creatures you know and love, and then some new ones.  Brandon Mull is definitely imaginative.  These would make great books to read with your children, as they are just clean, fun fantasy.

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  1. I agree, these are excellent books. And I also appreciate that they are clean. Stick with the series the best is coming. I'm watching for your continued reviews.