Thursday, October 1, 2009

September Reading Summary

Since September is over (seriously, already?  what the heck?) I figured I'd do an end of the month review type thingy.

This month I read fifteen books.  About half of the books were young adult, which is probably why I was able to read so many.  I really only read one heavier book, which was the science fiction novel, Barrayar, and that one took me the longest to read, I think.   

My favorite book this month was:

The start of my favorite series ever, with engaging characters and a fun story.  Plus, there's lots of cooking with recipes and everything!  You can't beat that.  To top it off, Sandra Byrd is an incredibly sweet person.

My least favorite book of the month was:

I've followed this whole series so far, and I think I'm just over it.  It's not funny anymore, and there seems to be no character growth whatsoever.  I'll still probably read the rest of the series when more books come out, because I'm a glutton for punishment.  But if you haven't started this series, maybe don't.

How about you?  What were your best and worst reads this month?

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  1. Love the Cake cover. I'll have to check into it. I like to read some fun books in between "heavier" books.

    O.k. Once again my new-to-me favorite book i read this past month is These is my Words by Nancy Turner. Loved the great, clean romance in it as well as the story line.