Wednesday, October 7, 2009

REVIEW - The Restorer's Journey

Title: The Restorer's Journey
Author: Sharon Hinck
Genre: Christian Fantasy
Grade: A

The world he knew is gone.
Confident in his new Restorer signs, Jake crosses the portal into Lyric to stage a heroic rescue. But everything has changed.
Jake is forced to confront hostile friends, the mental control of a corrupt king, and deadly lies that have claimed the clans. His path leads him to alliances with outlaws, dire battles, and even the temptation to forsake his calling.
Susan faces her own battles as she struggles to survive a brutal captivity. Can she find freedom before enemies destroy her spirit? Will Jake’s choices save the clans or lead to her death?

My review:
This is the third book in the Restorer series.  I'm not sure if it's the last one, but I kind of hope not.  It seems like there is more story to tell.  I liked this book better than the second in the series, it was almost as good as the first.  My favorite parts were the ones told from Susan's point of view, but those seemed to be few and far between.

I'm always happy when I find a really good Christian fantasy series or book.  It seems kind of rare.  Either that, or I just need to read more of them.  I'll tell you what, though--if you don't like religion in your books, don't read this one.  It's very prevalent all throughout.  I don't know if you'll read a chapter, or even a few pages without reading about God.  As a Christian, I wasn't bothered by this at all, and in fact, it's one of the things that draws me to this book.

The story is excellent, too.  I love the world that these characters are drawn into (from our world), although they do seem to adapt almost a little too well sometimes.  I guess that's part of the special restorer abilities, though.  The characters are well thought out and easy to care about, and the plot moves along nicely.  I would definitely recommend this to fans of Christian fiction.

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