Monday, October 5, 2009

In My Mailbox

I've already read and reviewed both of the books that I got in my mailbox this past week.  I really don't get much because I use the library so much, so what I do get is ones for review, and there's not very many.

Here's what I got:

Teen Austin Gutwein has taken his best shot several thousand times to help AIDS orphans in Africa and in the process has built a school and a medical clinic!  Take Your Best Shot tells how one boy made an incredible difference in the lives of those without hope while challenging the reader to do the same.

Having earned her chef’s hat, Lexi Stuart bids au revoir to her glamorous and deliciously satisfying pastry mentorship outside of Paris and returns to her hometown of Seattle, Washington. There, she finds life unexpectedly complicated.

She’s put in charge of a high-end catering bakery called Bijoux, which should be her dream job, but there’s a catch: She has to make this lavish bakery into a successful business in just a few, short months, which will require more than her ability to make an amazing wedding cake. Stir in a complicated relationship with her French beau Philippe and his daughter, Celine, then add a dash of romance with down-to-earth lawyer Dan, and life suddenly contains more ooh la la than Lexi can handle.

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  1. These both sound very interesting. I hope you enjoy them! =D

  2. **Scrolls down your blog** Ahh! I see that you DID enjoy them haha. I'm such a goof, sorry about that. ;)

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed Piece de Resistance, too. I'm not familiar with the Gutwein book. I'll need to look into that.