Thursday, September 24, 2009

REVIEW - Fields of the Fatherless

I'm going to be honest.  After reading What Difference Do It Make? this book didn't quite measure up.  I think Tom Davis is awesome.  He is a humanitarian, he does wonderful things, and he is someone I really look up to.  But his writing just wasn't as engaging.

That's not to say that Fields of the Fatherless wasn't good.  It's only to say that maybe I shouldn't have read it right after the other one.  This is another book that is a wake up call for Christians.  The Bible says to care for orphans, widows--"the least of these", yet very few Christians get out there and do it.

I know I need to do better.  There were a few dry parts in this book, but there were also a lot of things that were beautifully written.  Tom Davis definitely has a heart for orphans and the less fortunate, and it shows through in his writing.  I think I enjoyed his more recent book, Red Letters: Living a Faith That Bleeds, a little better, but I would still recommend this if you're dealing with holy discontent.  That feeling that there is something more out there for you to be doing.  I would rate this 4/5.

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